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DeSantis’ disastrous start

May 25, 2023
Hello, Insiders. Joi-Marie McKenzie, editor in chief of the life division, here. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign got off to a disastrous start last night on Twitter. More on that in a bit. Plus, I’m thrilled to unveil our newest digital cover star — lifestyle entrepreneur, media personality, and Steph Curry’s biggest fan, Ayesha Curry.


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— Joi-Marie McKenzie

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Tina Turner, Santos, & fighter jets

  • Tina Turner has died at the age of 83. These 23 photos capture the legendary singer’s extraordinary life. Read more on her legacy.
  • A judge reportedly held a hearing with the three anonymous people sponsoring George Santos’ $500,000 bail. The secrecy is highly unusual in any case, much less one against a sitting member of Congress.
  • Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark struck a deal to run their 200+ advanced fighter jets as a single fleet, creating a new headache for Russia. More here.

May cover star

Lia Clay Miller for Insider


Ayesha Curry has found the key to a good night’s sleep: She plunges into a pool of icy water. Then she hustles into a sauna. And she goes back and forth a few times, until she feels her nervous system winding down.

“It’s freaking cold,” she said. “But it works.”

Like her husband, the Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry is no stranger to navigating extremes.

In Insider’s May digital cover story, Curry told us about much more than her sleep-hacking routine. She opened up about why she moved away from the spotlight and toward entrepreneurship — and why she sees her lifestyle brand, Sweet July, as an incubator for Black- and women-owned small businesses.


DeSantis glitch, salary taboo, & more

Alex Wong/Getty Images; John Tully for The Washington Post via Getty Images


  • Ron DeSantis learned something the hard way: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. He could have just gone down a golden escalator to launch his presidential campaign, like Donald Trump did in 2015. Instead, by joining Elon Musk on Twitter, he made GOP campaigns really not great, again. More here.
  • The age-old taboo against revealing your salary is proving impossible to break. “How much money do you make?” If that question freaks you out, you’re not alone. In the last few years, increasing pay transparency has become more common — but we’re still a long way from everyone feeling comfortable talking about pay openly. What to know.
  • Bill Gates says this under-the-radar company will win the AI race. Inflection describes itself as an “AI studio creating a personal AI for everyone.” Insider’s business editor in chief, Matt Turner, chatted with its personal AI assistant, Pi — and was pretty impressed by it. Read more.
  • A brain implant is helping a paralyzed man walk again. The groundbreaking technology has helped Gert-Jan Oksam regain the ability to walk using spinal-cord stimulation he controls with his mind. The technology is similar to, but more advanced than, what Elon Musk is working on. Get the full story.
  • This couple accumulated 25 Airbnb rental units within two years. Nathan and Taniera Turner started by experimenting with “rental arbitrage,” which involves renting a property and subletting it on platforms like Airbnb. They were so successful that they’ve now created a whole business out of it. More here.
  • The only major cities where buying is cheaper than renting. The housing market is pretty brutal right now — it’s 25% more expensive to buy a home than to rent in the US. But in rare cities including Philadelphia and Houston, buying is actually cheaper. Get the full list.
  • Americans escalated the cost of living in Portugal. In recent years, many Americans have moved to Portugal for a cheaper, laid-back lifestyle. But the major influx has pushed people out of the country and caused housing prices to spike. More on Portugal’s new cost of living.

Creepy sun images



Creepy close-up images of the sun show yarn-like strands, dark pores, and a “light bridge” crossing a decaying sunspot. Check out the images.

Food Wars

From calorie count to portion sizes, Insider’s Joe Avella and George Japan wanted to find out all the differences between Kit Kats in the US and Japan.

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