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Dear Reader,We call this Friday Good. The offices of The American Conservative are closed today as we remember Christ’s Passion and look forward to celebrating his Resurrection. Assistant editor John Hirschauer has written a reflection on the death of God to help us mark this holiest of weekends in the Western calendar. “All who are poor, look and see the suffering servant. All who are weak, come and behold the man. All who are strong, tremble at this spotless victim.”

On Tuesday, Donald Trump was indicted on 34 felony counts of what are normally misdemeanors. The world continues to turn after his arrest and his poll numbers are up. In a long enough view of things this is politics as usual—the law wielded as a partisan weapon. The indictment itself has only just been released, but there’s little revealed since Trump turned himself in in New York to suggest that Frank DeVito’s assessment Monday afternoon, the day before the drama, is wrong. Legally speaking, there’s nothing to see here. Politically speaking, there’s nothing new about this. We were already a clown show.

Michael Lind has contributed to the American System series with an essay reminding policymakers that without technological diffusion spreading the use and benefits of new technologies to boost productivity in lagging sectors of the economy, American innovation and invention will only benefit the wealthy and the powerful, and the foreign countries—military rivals included—that take advantage of new tech. “The early adoption and modification of innovative technologies often occurs in industries that are naturally concentrated with large firms possessing deep pockets, such as manufacturing and telecommunications.” Industrial policy can help bridge the gap.

Micah Meadowcroft
Web Editor

Death of the Son of God

History is rent in two.

Nothing to See Here

Media conniptions notwithstanding, the Trump indictment is a boring story.

Past Lessons on Diffusing New Technologies

Promoting effective technology diffusion programs should be a bipartisan objective.

The Passion of Christ is the greatest and most stupendous work of Divine Love. The greatest and most overwhelming work of God’s love.
―St. Paul of the Cross
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Give Me That Old Time Religion

Michael Warren Davis

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