France doesn’t exist to take in ‘demographic surplus of African countries,’ says Éric Zemmour in new interview

“Demography makes history. The fundamental law in history is numbers. And the numbers are in the process of tipping France into another world,” warned Zemmour in his latest interview

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author: John Cody

In a new interview, French politician and author Éric Zemmour warned that France does not exist to take in the growing population of Africa and that due to changing demographics, the country’s future political system will be highly identitarian.

“We are not there to accommodate the demographic surplus of African countries. We are not here to put our welfare state at the service of Africa. We are not here to treat all of Africa, usually for free,” said Zemmour, who leads the Reconquest party, to French news outlet Le Point. “I understand very well that Africans, at the same time, are free, independent, that they define their friendships, their alliances as they see fit. They are responsible for their countries, we for ours.”

The interview touched on a wide range of subjects and explored Zemmour’s new book, “I Haven’t Said the Last Word,” which chronicles his electoral campaign following last year’s defeat. The book also covers the dominant political trends in French society and where France is headed in the future.

Immigration is a crime against the European peoples and will end in bloodshed, says French philosopher Éric Zemmour

Famed French philosopher and essayist Éric Zemmour says that France needs a referendum on immigration

The issue of Africa looms large in this context, with polling showing tens of millions of Africans wish to migrate to the West. One of the major destinations happens to be France, but Zemmour rejects the idea that France has any obligation to take in these newcomers. Regarding the North African countries with strong French ties, Zemmour said these nations now seek to “emancipate” themselves from France and that France should respond in kind.

“We live in a new period. African countries want to emancipate themselves, not from colonial tutelage, but from France. Because, at the same time, they throw themselves into the arms of a new neo-colonial tutelage of Russia, China, even England.

“France must do the same. It must therefore no longer consider that African immigration is welcome. We too must emancipate ourselves from African colonization in France and rebuild relations with Africa on a sound basis.”


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