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Musk, experts urge pause on AI systems, citing ‘risks to society’


Elon Musk is part of a group urging a six-month pause in the training of advanced artificial intelligence models following ChatGPT’s rise – arguing the systems could pose “profound risks to society and humanity.”

The CEO of Twitter and Tesla joined more than 1,000 experts in signing an open letter organized by the nonprofit Future of Life Institute, which is primarily funded by the Musk Foundation, the billionaire’s charity grantmaking organization.

The group also gets funds from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the effective altruism group Founders Pledge, the European Union’s transparency register shows.

The letter calls for an industrywide pause until proper safety protocols have been developed and vetted by independent experts — and details potential risks that advanced AI poses without proper oversight.

Risks include the spread of “propaganda and untruth,” job losses, the development of “nonhuman minds that might eventually outnumber, outsmart, obsolete and replace us,” and the risk of “loss of control of our civilization.”


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