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“Classified Documents”: First Trump, Now Biden. The Purge Is On?

By Keith Preston January 14, 2023

In the 1960s, the two largest factions in US politics were the Rockefeller Republicans and the New Deal Democrats. The CIA then created the New Right through their stooge William F. Buckley and the New Left through their stooge Irving Kristol. Both were intended to be controlled opposition movements representing a Faux Right and a Faux Left. The Faux Right was designed to deflect the isolationist Right, Taft Republicans, foreign policy realists, Cold War moderates, neo-fascists, and right-wing extremists. The Faux Left was intended to deflect attention away from labor radicalism and actual socialism, communism, or Soviet sympathies by making leftism simply about lifestyle interests and defending liberalism against Communism.

The Faux Right adopted a super hawk foreign policy and radical plutocratic economic stance while throwing bones at cultural conservatives cultivated as useful idiots. The Faux Left developed the counterculture as an alternative to the Labor Left. The Goldwater-Reagan insurgency in the GOP was about purging any kind of authentic populist right or realist conservatism in favor of full-blown Romanesque imperialism and plutocratic supremacy. The Dutton strategy was about marginalizing the labor left among the Democrats. The “hardhats vs. hippies” culture war strategy was developed to divide and conquer the US public generally and the working class specifically.

The Kristolites and Buckleyites then merged and became the neocon-super hawk alliance. At the same time, the Clintonistas completed the Dutton strategy of bending the counterculture into neoliberalism and faux humanitarian imperialism, bolstered by “anti-fascism” hysteria and “rightophobia.” This political chain of events was paralleled by the digital revolution, the rise of the PMC, globalization, and the end of the Cold War, creating the current ruling class of Silicon Valley on the Left and Sunbelt capital on the Right. The result is an ultra-imperialist, ultra-plutocratic, police state with a totalitarian humanist ideological superstructure and a corps’ of “progressive” useful idiots functioning as controlled opposition and “conservative” useful idiots functioning as an official scapegoat class.

The totalitarian humanist revolution that is taking place in developed countries is as far-reaching and profound as the French and Russian revolutions. And like those revolutions, the revolutionaries target the full spectrum of those to their right and left.

The remnants of the older ruling class and anti-ruling class opposition are being purged. The totalitarian humanist alliance is trying to purge any last remnant of opposition to themselves. The Oathkeeper/Proud Boy prosecution, PDUM raid, Mar-a-Lago raid, and the brouhaha over Biden’s classified documents seem to be coordinated.  Rockefeller Democrats/Republicans, neo-Nixonians, realists, neo-Know Nothings, the populist right, the Old Right, old New Dealers, black power, and the genuine far left seem to be the targets. Anything outside the neocon-neoliberal-totalitarian humanist paradigm.

The rising ruling class wants a neocon-neoliberal-totalitarian humanist regime for which shady faux progressive characters like Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg will be the front figures, with neocon puppets like Ron DeSantis functioning as faux-controlled opposition culture war cheerleaders from the Right. The purge is on.


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  1. I always preferred to call Totalitarian Humanists neopuritans (or just “neopurs”) – such name fits them wonderfully, since they are essentially a bunch of zealous religious crusaders aiming at ultimate cultural purity and epistemic dogma enforced on a societal level (and even practicing intense and systemic sexual repression, like paleopuritants did, only now under a “progressive” pretext). With cultural/epistemic power being theirs, they share the economic/financial and political/military powers with neolibs and neocons, thus forming a neopur-neolib-neocon triumvirate, a modern Western power elite.

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