Political Correctness/Totalitarian Humanism

Strange Deep State Bedfellows

By Paul Gottfried, American Greatness

How long can the alliance between the surveillance state and what looks like an increasingly lunatic ruling class last?

ictor Davis Hanson’s recent mordant comments about the degree to which the FBI will go to influence elections and its shameless defense of this interference caused me to think about the surveillance state’s endgame. These somber thoughts came, not incidentally, after I had immersed myself in reading about the possible (perhaps likely) CIA involvement in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. As Jim Douglass shows in JFK and the Unspeakable, a work to which Tucker Carlson recently referred in discussing the unwillingness of the Biden Administration to release CIA documents related to the assassination, the Warren Report released in 1964 to explain the killing in Dallas was a cover-up. Kennedy, it seems, was concerned about the CIA’s largely uncontrolled exercise of power and planned to rein it in or possibly even dismantle it. Plentiful hints lead to the conclusion that the agency knew of the planned assassination and then worked to cover up evidence about its origin and participants.

If the Left was correct in warning about the dangers of national surveillance agencies throughout the Cold War, I’m not about to award any prize to my former Stalinoid classmates and teachers at Yale. Leftist journalists and politicians like George McGovern were against our surveillance agencies because they scorned them as anti-Communist. I have noted throughout my life the Left’s fondness for communist dictatorships and their opposition to U.S. efforts to unseat such grisly tyrannies. Unfortunately, the Right in turn has exaggerated the “conservatism” of surveillance agencies, and even when countervailing evidence existed, persisted in viewing those who worked for these agencies as being uniformly on the right. There was no evidence for this generalization during the Cold War, even if the CIA funded the early National Review and may have lavished largesse on James Burnham and William F. Buckley. The same agency gave even larger sums to the Congress for Cultural Freedom and other left-of-center organizations that supported its anti-Communist activities. If the FBI surveilled Martin Luther King, Jr., in the 1950s and 1960s, it was because that civil rights leader had communist advisors, and anti-communism was the big issue back then. Now surveillance agencies have switched targets and are warning against a “right-wing coup.”

I’m still trying to figure out where the close alliance between surveillance agencies and the woke Left, which has been evident since at least the Obama Administration, may lead. I have no doubt this friendship is based more on power considerations than ideological affinity.


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