Ron DeSantis Is the Future of Trumpism

— Ryu Spaeth, features editor, New York

When New York’s Jonathan Chait predicted in March of this year that Ron DeSantis could plausibly wrest control of the GOP from Donald Trump, he could not have imagined how strong a position DeSantis would be in as 2022 comes to a close. The governor of Florida not only continued to shore up his position as the most formidable standard-bearer of Trumpism without Trump but emerged from the midterms as one of the few Republican politicians relatively unscathed by the party’s toxic brand. If you want a glimpse of the GOP’s post-Trump future, the best place to start is here with the man who embodies “competent Trumpism.”
The Future of Trumpism The greatest threat to Donald Trump’s hold on the GOP comes from Ron DeSantis, who may be more MAGA than the MAGA king himself.
Photo-Illustration: Eddie Guy; Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
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Photo: New York Magazine
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