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GOP Populists lack an Institutional Strategy

By Robert Stark

The historically unprecedented FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago further exacerbated existing polarization and solidifies how the right now views institutions, including federal law enforcement, as politicized against them. Now many conservatives view the national security apparatus as the enemy, with Marjorie Taylor Green tweeting “Defund the FBI!,” and even Neocon-light, Sean Hannity, harshly criticizing the FBI.  However, more institutional conservatives expressed causation, with Mike Pence calling out conservatives for disrespecting the FBI, and Ben Shapiro tweeting that “If Republicans want Americans to vote against Biden, they have to campaign against him, not against the FBI or the deep state….”

In response, partisan Democrats are shifting to “back the blue” rhetoric in support for law enforcement and even quasi conservative appeals to patriotism. For instance Tara Dublin, a blue check writer who describes herself as a “Loud Democrat,” tweeted that “Innocent people don’t need to be served with FBI search warrants because innocent people have no problem proving they’re innocent…” While both sides are hypocritical about police issues, the left is more blatantly Machiavellian about how they gaslight conservatives about their respect for law enforcement, while conservatives come across as a child protesting “it’s not fair!”

This political realignment with “back the blue” conservatives and “defund the police” liberals switching places, became apparent after Jan 6th, which conservative, Victor David Hanson described as a buffoonish riot. Many of those who stormed the Capitol had delusional fantasies that the “patriots” in the military would rush in to restore Trump to power and that Trump would come to their rescue, with no realistic grasp of the consequences or the fallout. Trump does deserve some blame for the political climate that contributed to Jan 6th, but not in the sense that CNN and MSNBC claim, but rather in how Trump, half-ass, passively aggressively contested the election, rallying up rage but then backing down. Even Trump’s recent promise to help Jan 6th defendants with legal fees and pardons, if elected, is too little too late and sounds like another gimmick. The problem with MAGA is that it became a cult of personality around Trump, with his supporters willing to sacrifice their freedom and lives for a narcissistic billionaire rather than Trump fulfilling his promises to fight for forgotten Americans.


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  1. Ironically, the right can only rarely march in lock step while the left does so most of the time. Antifa claim to be radicals, but they’re operationally an arm of the Democrat Party. They’ll physically attack any GOPer but never assault any Democrat or any non-GOP Zionist. In return, they’ve been getting favored treatment from Dem state and fed politicians and the FBI for 6-7 years. During the 1934 Stavisky Riots the French Right could have easily overthrown the govt but the street fighters and their leaders were divided into too many factions and they couldn’t take unified decisive action.

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