Is voting a waste of time?

The Mindcrime Liberty Show discusses whether voting is a waste of one’s scarce time? Is voting cooperating with evil? Is voting for the lesser of two evils or a third party a useful strategy? Is Walter Block right? What are the dangers of third parties? Aren’t things like the “socialist” or “libertarian” party merely a theoretical contradiction? If they do win, what will the existing bureaucracy, military industrial complex and deep state “allow” them to do? If John F. Kennedy allegedly told De Gaul that he didn’t know who was in charge of this government back then, what would a Jill Stein, Ron Paul or Jo Jorgensen be “allowed” to do?

Are “outsider” or “disrupter” politicians, both left and right, useful? Is voting for Thomas Massie or Ron Paul a good thing to do? If the deep state and bureaucracy is really in charge the accusation of formally cooperating with evil becomes less salient considering that no elected official actually decides anything so voting for the official is no cooperation at all. Are the formal voting mechanisms of the so-called liberal democracies like the US, Canada, France and UK much different than say Chinese, Russian or North Korean elections which the former like to accuse the latter of being compromised? Can a case still be made to head out to the polls especially if the opportunity cost is quite low? What are the benefits and costs of dropping out? Is the discrediting by low turnout a useful strategy? Are there dangers in identifying with politicians and political parties?

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