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Is the West Losing Patience Over Ukraine?

Incredibly, the Democrats are now more hawkish than Henry Kissinger on foreign policy. Neocon Fred Kaplan laments that folks are not war-hungry enough. It figures an article like this would be published in an uber-totalitarian humanist publication like Slate. The Dems have gone back to being who they were prior to the Eugene McCarthy/George McGovern era when they were the most hawkish party.

By Fred Kaplan, Slate

It’s been a mercifully long time since Henry Kissinger made headlines, much less sparked a serious debate, but his doleful words this week in Davos, Switzerland, did both. The gnomish 98-year-old ex-diplomat told the assembled elites at the World Economic Forum that Ukraine must make peace by ceding territory to Russia.

His finger-wagging stirred outrage, not least from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who likened his fellow victim of European tragedy—both are Jews whose family members perished in the Holocaust—to an appeaser of Nazi aggression in 1938.

In fact, Kissinger was speaking like the adherent, which he has always been, of “international realism”—the school of thought that values stability above all else and, in that spirit, touts the interests of great powers and their spheres of interest over the ambitions (however lofty) of less mighty countries.


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