Cotton gathers big donors to talk 2024 presidential race

An American Erdogan would look less like Trump and more like this guy. Cotton is our Greg Stillson. I consider this guy to be the most dangerous politician in the US today. Beware. The only thing I like about guys like De Santis, Pence, and Rubio is that they are not Cotton.

By Alex Isenstadt Politico

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton huddled with two dozen of his top donors Tuesday morning to describe his planning for a potential 2024 White House campaign, telling them a comeback bid by former President Donald Trump wouldn’t deter him from running.

During the meeting at the Hay-Adams hotel in Washington, which was described by two attendees, Cotton said he was prepared to run and detailed the work he’s done to develop an infrastructure for a national campaign. He emphasized that he wouldn’t defer to any other would-be candidates — including Trump — and said he planned to make a final decision on whether to run after this year’s midterm election.


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