DeSantis Closes The Gap With Trump In Early GOP Primary Polling

The Reaganites/Neocons seem to be gaining on the Trumpists. Not a good sign. A neocon regime in the midst of a proxy war with Russia would be extraordinarily dangerous, not to mention the neocons ambition of war with Iran.  DeSantis isn’t a neocon but he could be swayed. He is part of Conservatism, Inc. and is being groomed to be the next neocon front man via their natcon front project to coopt Trumpism and become another Reagan or Dubya. The worst possible scenario of anything that is likely to happen. The ideal election in 2024, given the possibilities, would probably be a celebrity like Oprah or Meghan vs Trump or a Trumpist like Don Jr. Whatever keeps the neocon plot for a comeback from working.

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