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The Strange Death of the Anti-War Left


Crisis moments in politics tend to be moments of clarity. They demonstrate who are our friends and who are our enemies.

Those who hate the color red today will scoff at the same color once their opponents start to wear it. Whether the topic is vaccines, school choice, civil rights, you name it, given the right circumstances people will flip in a heartbeat.

Even the Russo-Ukrainian war, a military conflict thousands of miles aways, has demonstrated to Americans who actually serve the interests of regular people.

Who are those who are willing to sacrifice domestic safety and economic stability at home so that we can support a government that two years ago we were calling corrupt?

American politicians, celebrities, and the media it seems are perfectly alright with using working Americans as fodder if it means more social virtue signaling.

The unholy duo of Neocons and neoliberals have done their usual routine waxing poetically about vague abstractions such as “liberal democracy,” “human rights,” and “rule of law.”

Yes, then-Vice President Joe Biden can ask the President of Ukraine to fire a public official investigating his son’s illicit business affairs by also threatening to withhold American aid, but that’s not corruption, that’s perfectly acceptable.

Heck, some people will tell you that conversation you can easily find video of didn’t even happen. Even if you play the clip right in front of them, they’ll shrug their shoulders and say it doesn’t even matter.

“Russia bad, I have a Ukranian flag in the Twitter bio now” the NPC will say.


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