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Increasing the Heat of a New Cold War

More or less my perspective as well.
NATO was originally created after WW2 to prevent further Soviet expansion into Western Europe. The Soviets and their satellites already controlled most of the Eurasian landmass at the time, and the remaining Western European countries had been laid to waste by the war and were unable to defend themselves. NATO was established to prevent Soviet expansion into Western Germany, the Lowlands, France, the Iberian Peninsula, the UK, and Scandinavia. The USA developed the Marshall Plan to get those countries back on their feet economically and cultivate them as export markets, which worked very well.
When the Cold War ended, many US “elder statesmen” from the Cold War period like Kissinger, Scowcroft, Kennan, Poppy Bush, etc were opposed to expanding NATO into Eastern Europe, knowing that the Russians would take that as a security threat. These guys were old-school Hamiltonian realists, but in the 90s they were largely replaced by the neo-Wilsonian globalists of the Clinton administration (like Maudlin Halfbright) and then by the neocons (neo-Jacobins/Girondins) under Bush Jr. Both of those foreign policy factions favored NATO expansion.
Nowadays, NATO is the world’s largest welfare program. Collectively, the European Union and adjacent countries include almost 50 nations, with population size, density, and GDP larger than that of North America. While it’s true that Eastern Europe has always been an invasion route into Russia (Hitler, Napoleon, etc) it’s also true that Russia has been an expansionist, imperialist power throughout its entire history. That didn’t start with either Putin or the USSR. It goes back at least as far as the early 18th century if not further. What should be happening is that the Europeans should be taking responsibility for their own collective defense, including providing the funding and troops, and gradually weaning themselves off the US dole. They’re certainly capable of doing so. They just don’t want to. It would make sense for there to be a European defensive alliance, which included the Baltic, Slavic, and Caucasian countries. In addition to Russia, they also need to keep Turkey under control, and prevent the three-way fight that is brewing between the Turkish-Qatari, Sunni-Israeli, and Shia-Alawite blocks from spilling over into Europe.
I’m very opposed to America’s globalist/imperialist/whatever foreign policy, which has produced one disaster after another for 50 years (Southeast Asia, Central America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc). The USA needs to be working on building partnerships with the Latin American, Asian, and African countries to counter Chinese expansionism while staying out of the mess in the Middle East and making the Europeans take responsibility for themselves. At this point, NATO is a national security liability for the USA, because it increases the risk of nuclear confrontation with Russia.


For the entirety of the Trump administration, the globalist elites regularly pointed their fingers at Trump accusing him of inching towards pulling the trigger on WWIII.

Well, the joke is on them, and by them I mean the international alliance Don Quixotes’ at NATO who are playing chicken with Russia on a nearly daily basis until the war in Ukraine erupts into an excuse to launch a NATO land war in Russia the likes that humanity has never experienced before.

Recently, Sweden and Finland filed to join NATO on May 18, 2022, largely in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. An underrated facet of this move is the West’s fears of an ascendant Russia potentially challenging the West in polar regions.

It’s no secret that the Arctic is becoming a competition zone among northern European countries, the United States, and Russia, which likely explains NATO’s long term desire to have Finland and Sweden fully on their side so that they can keep tabs on Russia’s movements in the Arctic, with the war in Ukraine being used as an excuse to speed up the process so it appears they have a legitimate reason to join this Russophobic organization.

Turkey, meanwhile, has thrown a major wrench in NATO’s plans to add Sweden and Finland by ostensibly blocking their membership. However, this impediment appears to be temporary, due the transactional nature of Turkey’s foreign policy.

If Sweden and Finland want to join NATO or any successor alliance, go ahead. Knock yourself out.

But let’s try a modest proposal: Sweden and Finland join NATO while the US should leave the alliance altogether.


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