Freedom News Digest: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 2022

What good does it do me, after all, if an ever-watchful authority keeps an eye out to ensure that my pleasures will be tranquil and races ahead of me to ward off all danger, sparing me the need even to think about such things, if that authority, even as it removes the smallest thorns from my path, is also absolute master of my liberty and my life; if it monopolizes vitality and existence to such a degree that when it languishes, everything must also sleep; and when it dies, everything must also perish?
Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America [1835-1840]
June 8, 2022
What If the U.S. Had Invaded Ukraine?
Let’s engage in a thought experiment. Suppose that Ukraine was headed by a pro-Russia regime. After repeated failed attempts at assassination by the CIA, the Pentagon finally decides to invade Ukraine for the purpose of bringing about regime change — i.e., ousting the pro-Russia regime from power and replacing it with a pro-U.S. regime. What …
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The U.S. Government Is Waging Psychological Warfare on the Nation
by John W. Whitehead
Future of Freedom Foundation
The Audacity of Despair
by Ron Cassie
Baltimore Magazine
Do Not Let a Political Panic Devalue the Meaning of “Pandemic”
by John Tamny
Real Clear Markets
Congress Must End the Federal Mask Mandate Once and for All
by Benjamin Powell
The Hill
What Freedom Can Tolerate
by Leonidas Zelmanovitz
Law & Liberty
A ‘NATO for the Pacific’ Is Madness
by Daniel Larison
The F-Word (The Other One)
by Andrew Bacevich
George Stigler, Memoirs of an Unregulated Economist
by Art Carden
Desperate Biden Uses Military Powers…To Push ‘Green’ Energy Production!
by Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams
Ron Paul Institute
Nixon’s Plan to Threaten the CIA on JFK’s Assassination
by Jefferson Morley
The Centenary of Ludwig von Mises’s Critique of Socialism
by Richard M. Ebeling
At a banquet dinner held in New York City on March 7, 1956, honoring the famous Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises, another equally renowned …
And Then There Were Three
by Laurence M. Vance
The Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022 (H.R.7691), which provides $40.1 billion for “appropriations for defense equipment, migration and refugee assistance, …
Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich, Part 1
by George Leef
Throughout almost all of human history, people lived miserably — far worse than even Thomas Hobbes famously said. Improvements?…
America, Meet Your New Dictator-in-Chief
by John W. Whitehead
America, meet your new dictator-in-chief. As the New York Times reports, “Newly disclosed documents have shed a crack of light on…
Human Irrationality and Free Markets
by Antony Sammeroff
If everyone was irrational all of the time, we would be in big trouble. You’d never know when someone was suddenly going to swerve …
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