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Ukraine Will Surrender & the Great Reset Will Fail

Bob Moriarty, Geopolitics and Empire

Vietnam veteran, author, and investor Bob Moriarty discusses the war in Ukraine, how the U.S. has been supporting Nazis since WWII, and that Russia is acting in self-defense. Zelensky is being run by the U.S. and Ukraine will end up being split into three pieces. Everything we’re seeing in regards to the collapsing economy and food and energy shortages is a result of The Great Reset. Bob believes Putin is not going along with the Davos project and that we’re witnessing the ultimate battle between good and evil. America is at the end of empire and we’re experiencing a worldwide revolution as the economy deteriorates which will last for years.


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  1. Putin definitely does not like the NWO plans,,, ! (He also knows all about the ‘Zelensky, Joe Biden , Hunter – situation ) – not without a fight,,,, Putin is not a Saint, by any means, however, like real Americans, he loves his Country ‘n will not hand it over wth out a fight -, like we are,,,, ‘n Pence did! The whole Elitist-NWO -no-borders plan is wrong! They ‘r getting ready to take ur money – As in Cashless Society,,, think not? Too bad!

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