Jose Nino’s Digest: May 31, 2022 Raytheon Receives $687 Million Contract from US Army to Resupply Stinger Missiles, and more

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Raytheon Receives $687 Million Contract from US Army to Resupply Stinger Missiles

Sponsored Ad According to a Reuters report published on May 27, 2022, the US Army granted Raytheon a contract valued up to $687 million for Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. The move was made to replenish stockpiles that were liberally delivered to…

May 31, 2022The Liberty Loft

Virginia School Board is Looking at Restoring Schools’ Names for Confederate Leaders

A Virginia board is entertaining the idea of restoring the names of two schools. The two schools in question, Mountain View High School and Honey Run Elementary School, were originally named Stonewall Jackson High School and Ashby-Lee Elementary…

May 31, 2022Big League Politics

Thomas Massie’s Safe Students Act, Not Gun Control Would Keep Schools State

The Uvalde, Texas shooting has naturally been politicized by the ruling class. The powers that be ultimately want some form of civilian disarmament scheme to be implemented in the wake of this atrocity. Never mind that schools are gun-free zones, as…

May 31, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Thomas Massie Warns that Canadian-Style Gun Control Could Come to the US If Citizens Don’t Wake up

Sponsored Ad In the wake of the Uvalde, Texas massacre, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on May 30, 2022 that there will be a national freeze on handgun sales. “It will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns…

May 31, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Marjorie Taylor Greene Believes Prolonging the Russo-Ukrainian War Will Worsen Baby Formula Crisis

America’s baby formula crisis is well documented. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the failure of the free market but rather of misguided government policies that has created this situation. Now these problems could be exacerbated thanks to the…

May 31, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Ron Paul: Russia and China are Weathering the West’s Economic Sanctions Barrage Without Problems

Multipolarity has been a reality check for the West. In previous decades, the Anglo-American establishment could scuttle regimes at will through direct military interventions, sanctions, color revolutions, or palace coups. That’s how things went for…

May 30, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Paul Gosar Wonders Why the US Government is Not Focusing on Securing the Border

The corporate media is particularly insidious when it comes to how it will excessively focus on certain news, while ignoring more pressing developments. For example, the legacy media has been obsessed about the Russo-Ukrainian war and doing…

May 30, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Anthony Sabatini Calls Out Democrat Plans to Use Immigration as a Political Weapon

The Great Replacement is no longer a wacky conspiracy theory. This refers to the mass migration process that globalist elites in the West have pushed for in recent decades that has resulted in the demographic displacement of historic populations in…

May 30, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Anthony Sabatini Advocates for Relaxation of Gun Control Laws after Uvalde Shooting

It’s become increasingly apparent that DC doesn’t have much to offer in terms of elated officials who will stir the pot. After the Uvalde, Texas massacre, you hardly saw any member of Congress calling for real solutions to address the issue of mass…

May 30, 2022Liberty Conservative News

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