They’re Not Going To Leave Us Alone

By Peter R. Quiñones

I hope that you understand, or are at least beginning to, that the radical Left is not going to stop. Many people have pointed out that their belief in equity for all, which really means the destruction of the status quo and the lifting up of the latest group they deem to be marginalized, is a religion. It’s worse than that, it’s an evangelical religion that puts Protestant outreach to shame. They are not going to be happy until the trans-rights flag is waving above the Capitol building of every Western and predominantly Christian nation in the world. Not only must tradition be torn down but it must be replaced with the absurd.

These people are insidious. To point out their hypocrisy is folly. They don’t care. You cannot ridicule them as they take it as a badge of honor. Of course they don’t believe in the equality that I mentioned above. They don’t care about trans people. It’s just the latest sliver of the population they can point to to pretend they care. They don’t. And the overwhelming majority of trans people don’t care either. They just want to be left alone like you and I.

Malcolm X warned of the Liberal 60 years ago:

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