American Decline

‘If Donald Trump is not dead or in jail, he will run for president’ | Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson

‘The threat of violence is a powerful political tool.’ Ines Pohl, DW’s Washington bureau chief, spoke with Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, about the political future of the United States, the consequences of the Capital riot a year ago, and the dangers of the fractionalized country. _ 02:42 January 6, a turning point for politics in the US 06:14 Domestic terrorism is biggest threat, says Pentagon 08:38 US Americans are not interested in politics, but politics is interested in them 10:53 Midterm elections in 2022 – Will Trump run again? 16:01 How likely is a Donald Trump win in the 2024 election? 19:39 Would someone within the GOP fight Trump? 21:21 What can the world expect from the US? 22:56 “God protects drunks and Americans”

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