American Decline

Christmas 2021: AOC Shames the Evangelicals


What a sad moment. Ocasio-Cortez the much vilified Democratic representative from New York and member of the hated ‘Squad’ has spoken truth – and a truth that puts Evangelicals to shame.

The Right has made too much of Ocasio-Cortez. Some commentators suggest that ‘The Squad’ in fact dominates the Democratic Party and that Biden and Pelosi both answer to them. A ridiculous notion – at best Ocasio-Cortez is a classic figure of the Pseudo-Left. She’s not opposed to the American system in any real way. She simply wants some of the wealth to trickle down to the poor and disadvantaged and since the market won’t do it naturally, she’s interested in legislation that makes it happen. But again, she represents no existential threat to the system or the American Empire as a whole. She’s no socialist. Only by completely redefining the concept can she be found within its parameters.

And as far as influence and power, the so-called Green New Deal (which is almost synonymous with her name) was dead on arrival and always has been. For that matter it was never meant to be taken seriously, its extreme (and yet mostly green-wash) proposals were a bargaining tactic – heavily watered down by the DNC Establishment and finally killed by the Washington bureaucracy and the money that flowed into Joe Manchin’s coffers. It was never going anywhere and what was finally killed (as part of Biden’s Climate Plan) was only a deformed shell of what had been presented. It was a tactic and more than anything else a marketing ploy by Ocasio-Cortez to win over a loyal base – which she then steered back into the corrupt Wall Street-friendly Democratic Party.


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