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Alleged victim claims she once saw photo of Ghislaine Maxwell ‘nude and pregnant’

By and New York

One of Ghislaine Maxwell’s accusers claimed she once saw a photo of the British socialite “nude and pregnant” inside of Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida mansion.

The woman, who testified using only her first name, Carolyn, was asked by defense attorneys at Maxwell’s federal sex-trafficking trial in Manhattan about statements she’d previously made to prosecutors.

“One of your memories about Ms. Maxwell is you claim that you saw a photograph of her in Epstein’s house, pregnant. Correct?” lawyer Jeffrey Pagliuca asked Tuesday, referring to Epstein’s Palm Beach estate.

“Nude and pregnant laying on the –” Carolyn began to respond — at which point Pagliuca interjected, “And pregnant.”

“Yes. There was multiple pictures, nude photos,” the witness replied after a pause.

Pagliuca then approached Carolyn with a photo, entered as a defense exhibit, that was not shown publicly in court.


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