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Racy photos show Ghislaine Maxwell rubbing Jeffrey Epstein’s feet on his jet

By and New York Post

Ghislaine Maxwell was once photographed rubbing Jeffrey Epstein’s feet on what appears to be his private jet — with her breasts spilling out of her skimpy top, according to new evidence released by federal prosecutors Wednesday.

The raunchy photos — entered into evidence on Tuesday — were recovered during an FBI raid at Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion in 2019, FBI analyst Kimberly Meder testified.

Two of the photos show Maxwell planting a kiss on Epstein’s cheek, including one that shows them in front of a beach and another on what appears to be a European street.

Other snaps show Epstein with his arm around Maxwell. One shows him holding her while he’s wearing what appears to be a red skiing outfit and another shows him with his arm wrapped around her with a phone to his ear.

The shots include three pictures of her rubbing his feet aboard what appears to be one of his private planes.


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