American Decline

Third Worldizing America

The weakening of the American regime provides many opportunities for anti-imperialist struggles and the creation of startup societies now that the global hegemon is in decline, and the domestic regime is experiencing decline as well. Meanwhile, I suspect the long-term effect of recent anti-police uprisings will be a pullback of policing in poor communities, with a corresponding increase in crime along the lines described by Hanson in this piece (everything is a tradeoff). Meanwhile, there will be efforts to strengthen the federal political police, particularly after January 6, and in the future it is likely that wealthy and affluent communities may increasingly rely on private policing.

By Victor Davis Hanson Real Clear Politics

In a recent online exchange, the YouTuber Casey Neistat posted his fury after his car was broken into and the contents stolen. Los Angeles, he railed, was turning into a “3rd-world s-hole of a city.”

The multimillionaire actor Seth Rogen chastised Neistat for his anger.

Rogen claimed that a car’s contents were minor things to lose. He added that while living in West Hollywood he had his own car broken into 15 times, but thought little of it.

Online bloggers ridiculed Rogen. No wonder – the actor lives in multimillion-dollar homes in the Los Angeles area, guarded by sophisticated security systems and fencing.

Yet both Neistat and Rogen accurately defined Third Worldization: the utter breakdown of the law and the ability of the rich within such a feudal society to find ways to avoid the violent chaos.


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