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A maternity ranch is born: How evangelical women in Texas are mobilizing for a future without abortion

By Stephanie McCrummen Washington Post

ARGYLE, Tex. — The vision had come as she was driving home from the Kroger, and it was so sudden and fully formed that Aubrey Schlackman began to tell people that “it was like God placed it in my head.”

This was last year, a time when abortion was still widely available in Texas and Aubrey was one more young mother joining the midmorning traffic along Farm to Market 407 in the growing suburbs north of Dallas. She passed the Starbucks. She passed the AT&T store. She was thinking about getting her two young boys down for a nap when she reached a pleasant stretch of land bordered by a long split-rail fence, and this is when the idea came.

“A maternity ranch,” she thought, and she could practically see it through her windshield.


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