COVID Will End, But Here’s What’s Coming Next

By Peter R. Quiñones

They can really only take COVID so far. Yes, there will be people who are going to initiate their children into the “Cult of Covid,” meaning, we will see them wearing Red masks and keeping to themselves with their heads down and mumbling about how Christians are responsible for them having to get their 72nd boooooooster. OK, enough fanfic.

But, as you’ve been told, “Climate Change” will be the next scare and will be harder for any individual to deny. “It affects us all and we are ALL responsible!” So, not only will you have to take precautions, but you are the Wuhan Lab in this scenario. You are the enemy who unleashed this global pandemic. Yes, they will make this about the individual, every single one on the planet.

Check out some of the speech being used by Nancy Pelosi here:


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