Secession: The Constitutional, Historical, and Moral Case

Now that pan-secessionism has entered the mainstream discourse, at least on a casual level, the next step for those of us with a more radical perspective is to keep pushing the envelope toward more radical viewpoints, away from Democratic Partyism and Republican Partyism toward the intellectual framework associated with the pan-anarchism paradigm. The main reason to favor pan-secession is to destroy the US imperialist war machine. Most Americans don’t care about that, so the next best thing is to encourage culture war maximization from all angles in order to generate fragmentation, and promote pan-secession as an alternative to eventual civil war. From a general libertarian perspective, pan-secession is about maximizing individual liberty and freedom of choice. From a specifically anarchist perspective, pan-secessionism is about reducing centralization, statism, and political hierarchies.

Tom Woods Show

I make the constitutional, historical, and moral case for national divorce.


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