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Is The Military Industrial Complex Teeing Up WWIII With China, Taiwan Conflict?

The System is obviously trying to manufacture a new cold war with China now that Russophobia hasn’t sold very well in spite of years of constant propaganda. Kim’s commentary in this segment is excellent.  I tend to agree with her that the System is trying to weaponize the Xinjiang situation as a “new Afghanistan in the 80s” narrative. Back then, the Afghan mujahideen were depicted as heroic freedom fighters against Soviet Communism, and it appears the same narrative is being recycled re the Uyghurs and China.  The claim that Jimmy Carter was weak on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the alleged Chinese threat to Taiwan was weaponized by the Reaganites and neocons in 1980 as well. The response by the other two hosts is measured as well.

Kim Iversen makes the case against alarmism on a possible war with China.

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