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Libertarian Dave Smith EXPLODES On Tulsi: “WTF Is Wrong With You?”

Tulsi served her purpose during the debates with her takedown of Kamala and Mayor Pete. But I never thought Tulsi was far left or consistently antiwar. It’s just that during the campaign her stance on war was better than that of all the other candidates. But that only shows how pathetic all the others were, including Sanders, who treats war as just a side issue to growing the welfare state. Tulsi was always a terror war hawk and a regime change dove, that’s how she always described herself, and she’s a Hindu nationalist than wants an alliance between Hinduism, Zionist, and the West against Islam. She is what she is and served her purpose for her time. But now she has expired her historical utility and is pursuing a new direction. Same with Yang. He brought some interesting ideas into the mainstream, but then he became a conventional politician and Israeli stooge. You can’t rely on people with mainstream ideologies to oppose the US empire, particularly when they are trying to get elected to US state offices. Being truly antiwar means opposing the US empire, and doing that means adopting a fundamentally revolutionary outlook.

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