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General DISMANTLES Warmonger Tom Cotton To His Face

When you can make this Mark Milley clown look good, you’re really swinging. Tom Cotton is by far the most dangerous person on the Republican side. The most important objective in mainstream US politics right now is to prevent the Reaganite/neocon/supply-sider coalition from ever returning to power, and continuing the escalate domestic conflict until the system cracks. While Trump governed like a normal Republican most of the time, he still managed to be an obstacle to some of the most extreme neocons, who never got their regime-change war with Iran under Trump. To the degree that Trumpism obstructs the neocons, it is a useful force.  Cotton is as extreme as any of the neocons on foreign policy and he is as reactionary on domestic issues as any of the Reaganites. Also, Cotton is something of a connecting point between the neocons, Republican corporate elite, and Reaganites, and the Trumpists, evangelicals, Alt-Lite, populists, and nativists on the ground level. He is someone who could potentially steer the latter increasingly toward the former. Watch out for this guy.

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