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Briahna Joy Gray Details Her VIRAL Dispute With Talia Lavin, ‘I Hope We Can Clear The Air’

Once again, issues I have been debating for years are now becoming mainstream. At this point, I would have to say that the majority of ideas (taken from a myriad of diverse and often seemingly contradictory sources) that I have been discussing, criticizing, debating, or advocating for here at ATS for the past 20 years are largely entering mainstream discourse: American imperial decline, re-proletarianization of labor, rising police statism, lumpenproletarianism, pan-secessionism, ten core demographic theory, fourth-generation warfare, totalitarian humanism, new class theory, the eclipsing of industrial capitalism by digital capitalism, left/right crossover movements, red/brown alliances, leftist outreach to the populist right, drug legalization, sex worker rights, overcriminalization and prison abolition, Eurasianism, intentional communities, pan-enclavism, city-states, etc., etc., etc. Not that any of these things are now fully dominant, but they are pervasive enough to be part of the mainstream, even if they remain minority points of view.

Briahna Joy Gray gives her side of the story after her heated conversation with Talia Lavin on Bad Faith podcast.

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