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Archives: The Stoner Homeland

I remember when this group first appeared in the late 1990s, they were widely ridiculed as absurd. But did they not achieve their goals? Are not more than a third of the US states now de facto or de jour “stoner homelands”? I guess the moral of the story is never to be afraid to push the limits or face ridicule.

The Declarations of the First Independent Stoner Homeland

We the People of the Cannabis and drug-using culture, having our own distinct identity, recognizing the War on Drugs as the road to another holocaust, seeking to escape centuries of oppression and obtain liberty; gather together for a common defense and establish this, the guiding document of the first Stoner Homeland on planet Earth. We invite and welcome the victims of drug war oppression. To the weary POWs, we say come here and be free; to those made destitute from drug testing, we say come here and seek your fortune; to the masses whose homes were seized, we say come here and live in peace. This is your country.


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