Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

America is the 1%

While I don’t share his loopy Maoism, this video by Jason Unruhe explains pretty well why I reject virtually all US political factions, from far-left to far-right. Nearly all of these are merely rival teams within the global 1%. Most of the anti-one percenters are in fact one-percenters. As Ted K pointed out, the only sectors of US society that could be considered authentically oppositional might be various lumpen sectors (e.g. gangs, criminals, and sovereign citizen-type militias).
Even most of the poor and working-class in the US are part of the global middle to upper-middle class. This is why most US leftists have zero interest in anti-imperialism, which is treated as just another issue and one of lesser significance than more free goodies from the state, more bicycle paths, and more diversity initiatives, if it is recognized as an issue at all.

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