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Moral Majority Media Strikes Again

By Matt Taibbi

When Rachel Maddow, Rolling Stone, and others jumped on a dubious report of ivermectin overdoses, it was just the latest in a string of moral mania mishaps.

Citing a report of Oklahoma emergency rooms so overwhelmed by ivermectin overdoses that gunshot victims were going untreated, MSNBC anchor Joy Ann Reid Sunday proposed sticking the swallowers of “horse paste” at the back of the line in order to prioritize the more deserving, “rather than allowing the ivermectin people” — she spoke the words as if holding a vile wriggling thing with tweezers — to “take up all the beds”:


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  1. What is an “ivermectin overdose”? There are proper, valid doses for humans taking ivermectin, for various parasites. There may need to be a larger dose to prevent, or treat, COVID-19. Such a larger dose might be called, misleadingly, an ‘overdose’, even if it does not cause any symptoms or problems.
    However, the biased MSM does not say, in part because not only do they not know, they don’t WANT to know.

    What are the symptoms of an “ivermectin overdose”? If a person takes ivermectin after becoming infected with COVID-19, he is presumably still feeling sick, so he might go to a hospital.

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