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US drone strike kills nine members of one family in Afghanistan, reports say

“But ‘dem Talibans is such meanies!”


A US drone strike in Afghanistan on Sunday killed nine members of one family, according to local reports.

The casualties of the strike in the capital city of Kabul included six children, a relative told a local journalist working with CNN.

The Pentagon said in a statement earlier that it was “assessing the possibilities of civilian casualties, though we have no indications at this time.”

The strike followed a huge amount of bloodshed over a three-day period as the American military finishes evacuating citizens and others with papers ahead of President Joe Biden’s 31 August deadline for troop withdrawal.

On Thursday, a suicide attack at the airport – where thousands of people are desperately trying to get on flights out of the country before the Taliban resumes complete control – killed 13 US service members and about 170 Afghans.

The attack was carried out by members of terrorist group ISIS-K, and the following day a US drone strike killed two “high-profile” ISIS-K members as a “little bit of both” retaliation and counterterrorism pre-planning, a Pentagon spokesman said Saturday.

The next strike on Sunday targeted an “imminent ISIS-K threat,” officials said.


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