America Speaks: Would they support a national police force?

The majority of Americans continue to be opposed to a national police force.

By India Opzoomer, YouGovAmerica

n the wake of nation-wide protests against police brutality and violence this year, some commentators proposed the creation of a national police force to replace or aid local law enforcement organizations.

A YouGov survey conducted at the time found little public backing for such a move – just 28% support the idea of a national police force, compared to 55% who are opposed.

We asked Chat users to dig deeper and tell us why they would support or oppose the creation of a national police force in addition to state and local police. You can share your views on the subject here.

“Too many layers of law enforcement. Too much confusion. Policing should be local, not impersonal.” 

Many Chat users opposed a national police force on the grounds that it would violate states’ rights.


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