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The Coming Counter-Coup Against the GOP

This article contains a fairly interesting critique of the police/carceral state from a “culturally conservative” perspective. If we can get the Left and Right hating the prison-industrial complex with equal fervor, then we’ve got something.

By Stephen Baskerville, Chronicles

The left’s new monopoly cannot be resisted without breaking free of ossified conservatism. Here are three areas of reform.

The right’s failure in 2020’s election may herald the start of a new conservative ascension. But it cannot happen under the current Republican Party leadership.

The problem is greater than the Republican-in-Name-Only politicians ignoring the legitimate charges of election-rigging and jumping Trump’s ship. For years, the established conservative political class has looked away from the left’s most serious tyrannies over ordinary Americans.

The failure of the conservative establishment long predates the 2020 election and is largely responsible for its outcome. Stuck in the political battles of yesteryear, they have, at best, misunderstood the dynamics driving today’s left and thus have unwittingly contributed to its hegemony. At worst, conservative power brokers exploit leftist agendas for their own advantage.

Conservative leaders effectively ceded power to a leftist coup of largely adolescent activists. These leaders had already forfeited the moral high ground, which they could have occupied by championing a few key issues of critical importance to ordinary Americans. They had a golden opportunity through President Donald Trump, who was defiant toward the established political class in Washington and open to confronting what was previously off-limits. Instead, they colluded with leftists to conceal government’s most hideous injustices.


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