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Vaccine Passports Are Just the Beginning…

By Buck Sexton, American Consequences

Morning Joe is the premier MSNBC news program for latté liberals who worship snide elitism. If you were a B student in prep school with parents that got you into Brown University with a phone call to the advancement office, but you swear “social justice” is really important to you… then Morning Joe is your cup of tea.

Its central premise is the illusion of intelligent discussions for those who are much more concerned with Hamptons magazine than reading actual books. Case in point… Here’s how the host of the show, former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, addressed the issue of vaccine passports earlier this week…

I’m now hearing lunatics that are now still pushing back on the masks but now they’re saying that if we have something that identifies us as having a vaccine, that we’re like Satan or the mark of the devil or Nazi Germany… like the idiocy is just beyond this, they’re acting recklessly and irresponsibly, they’re being stupid, they’re following conspiracy theories, they’re following a failed gameshow host, or reality TV host, and they don’t understand I guess…

Maybe they’re such morons they can’t understand this. If I want to go to a baseball game with my son who has a history of upper respiratory issues, I don’t want a bunch of idiots sitting next to us at Fenway or in a little league baseball park that haven’t taken the vaccine… They don’t have to take the vaccine and they can die.

Scarborough, it goes without saying, is a condescending, vicious hack (who in 2015, sucked up endlessly to said “reality TV host” Donald Trump). He thinks outdoor transmission of COVID is a serious risk (it is not). He also clearly, wrongly believes that his favorite political foe – the “toothless MAGA hat wearers” – are the only ones who reject vaccine passports… when in reality, vaccine hesitancy, in general, remains high among minority communities.


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