New Laws Against Domestic Terrorism Are Unnecessary and Dangerous

By J.D. Tuccille, Reason

There is no crisis, real or imagined, that government officials don’t see as an opportunity to expand their authority and hurt their enemies. America’s ongoing political tensions, which erupted on January 6 into the Capitol riot, have become an excuse for spurring the latest campaign against “domestic terrorism.” But violent acts, it should be noted, are already illegal under existing law. New “anti-terrorism” tools will inevitably be deployed against those who annoy whoever is currently in office.

“I never expected that … when I returned to the Justice Department to be sworn in on my first day as Acting Deputy Attorney General, that to get to the building, I would have to pass through numerous checkpoints under escort of armed agents in a city under lockdown.  I never expected to have to walk through the Department of Justice hallways filled with hundreds of soldiers positioned to protect the Department from terrorists,” Acting Deputy Attorney General John Carlin huffed during a February 26 briefing. “[W]e must make it known that the Department of Justice is prioritizing the detection, the disruption, and deterrence of the threat of domestic terrorism and violent extremism in all its forms.”


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