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Capitol placed on lockdown, buildings evacuated amid protests

The Little League Falange wannabes make their move. I generally favor anti-system violence regardless of where it comes from or what foolish cause it’s attached to. Decades ago, I predicted that while the struggle against the US state/ruling class/power elite would cut across ordinary ideological, cultural, and class boundaries, the primary classes of interest would be the urban lumpenproletariat, de classes sectors, sinking middle, and rural “neo-peasants.” I also predicted the rise of a “rural lumpenproletariat” (e.g. gun nuts inclined towards conspiracy theories) and a “suburban lumpenproletariat” (basically rebellious youth from the privileged classes who are inclined toward violence). Here they are.

By Zack Budryk, Mike Lillis and Justine Coleman, The Hill

The U.S. Capitol Police on Wednesday locked down the Capitol building and evacuated multiple congressional buildings amid increasingly violent protests outside.

Buildings being evacuated included the Library of Congress’s Madison Building across from the Capitol as well as the Cannon House office building. In an alert sent to Hill staffers, police ordered occupants of the Madison building to “move in a safe manner to the exists” and “close doors behind you but do not lock.”

Capitol police also told those in the Cannon House building to “take visitors, escape hoods, and Go Kits” and report to a tunnel connected to a nearby building.

A Capitol Police officer told a reporter, “If you want to go between the buildings, use the tunnels.”

Asked how long the lock-down might last, the officer said it will depend on the behavior of the protestors.


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  1. Fascinating. What was your opinion of BLM and Antifa? One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

  2. This demographic was harnessed by the right and used to quash the leftwing insurgency we saw over the summer. Now they will be squashed by the US police state as they are no longer worth keeping around.

    • Yes, I just gave an interview to Press TV where I mentioned that this will be used as a pretext for a crackdown on domestic terrorism. If the events over the summer weren’t enough, this will surely be the catalyst.

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