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Patriot Prayer supporter faces several felony charges, accused of macing cops during protest at Oregon Capitol

By Saphara Harrell – Salem Reporter

A supporter of far-right group Patriot Prayer is facing several felony charges related to a protest at the Oregon Capitol on Dec. 21, where demonstrators pushed their way into the closed building and kicked in a door to protest Covid restrictions.

Chandler Preston Alexander Pappas, 27, of Portland, is accused of pepper spraying six police officers at the Oregon State Capitol during the event, according to an affidavit justifying his arrest filed in Marion County Circuit Court on Jan. 4.

Pappas was arrested Monday and is charged with six counts of assaulting a public safety officer, first-degree burglary and riot. Assaulting an officer is a Class C felony that carries a maximum of five years in prison.

He was arraigned in Marion County Circuit Court on Tuesday, where a judge set his bail at $250,000 and classified him as a public safety risk. Salem attorney David Kuhns was appointed by the court to defend Pappas. A court hearing on an expected indictment was scheduled for Friday, Jan. 15.

He faces the stiffest charges so far of those arrested during demonstrations that have become more frequent in Salem and have resulted in assaults on many occasions. The affidavit describes Pappas assaulting officers, breaking through doors that were latched together with handcuffs, and inciting a group of 50 to violence.


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