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Here’s What We Learned About the Far Right From Donald Trump’s Presidency

The gist of this article is that Trumpism actually has nothing to do with fascism but could possibly, kinda sorta, be a stepping stone to fascism, maybe. Sometimes I think these “anti-fascist” people actually want fascism to happen so they can have something to feel heroic and/or self-righteous about.

By Christopher Vias, The Jacobin

It looks like Trump is on his way out the door. Fingers crossed. But it doesn’t take an expert to notice that Trumpism is not going anywhere, at least not anytime soon.Whether we want to call it Trumpism, white nationalism, right-wing populism, neofascism, or all of the above, it’s clear that toxic stew is now mainstream. But we also now know that it is not invincible. Here’s what we’ve learned from four years of Trump in office.

1: Trump’s Authoritarian Personality Is Electable.

To be sure, the United States never “went fascist.” That is to say, the federal government never became a fascist state, as some feared in 2016.  Trump was far too undisciplined and politically clumsy to fully overturn deep-seated, liberal-democratic norms (though he did plenty of damage).  Nor did he even seem to have a consistent road map in his own head.READ MORE

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