AOC couldn’t run for president in 2020 but could in 2024

The most “left-wing” an AOC administration would be might be something comparable to the mild social-democratic populism of Cristina de Kirchner.  More likely, it would be similar to what a Ted Kennedy regime might have been if Mr. Chappaquiddick had ever gotten himself elected president. The best thing about an AOC presidency would be watching the FOX News ‘tards having a meltdown about “socialism.”

By Sophia Meixner, ABC Australia

Next week US voters will choose between the two oldest presidential candidates in history —Joe Biden at 77 or Donald Trump at 74.

In 2016, Trump made history as the oldest person to assume office at 70 years old.

If Joe Biden is elected, he’ll break that record at age 78.

While American electors don’t have much choice this year, it’s already being speculated that the 2024 election could usher in a younger generation of political candidates.

We already saw the beginnings of this younger energy this year, when Democrats Pete Buttigieg and Tulsi Gabbard ran in the Democratic primary aged in their late 30s.

If Joe Biden is elected in 2020 but opts not to run for a second term, 31-year-old Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (often called AOC) is touted as another 2024 candidate.


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  1. With the arrival of MMT, all remaining working class wealth will be destroyed, and the big bankers will finally get full control. On the other side of it, all illusions that government would ever help us will be gone…

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