AOC: “Let’s do away with this mythology that the ultra-wealthy move away due to high taxes.” Reply

Who cares if they move away? Fuck ’em. Good riddance.

I’m not at all someone who thinks that “tax the rich” is that way to solve the problem of plutocracy. Taxes are merely a means through which the state extracts surplus value from subjects (extortion) in the same way that the corporate political-legal-economic infrastructure extracts surplus value from laborers (exploitation). Relying on the state to correct the latter problem is like putting the mouse in charge of the cheese. That social democrats don’t realize this shows how lame and shallow their thinking is.

They’re essentially asking the king to exact tribute from the aristocracy in order to fund support for the peasants (rather than collect more knights, swords, armor, and horses, and build more castles). It doesn’t work like that.


AOC Getting CRUSHED for Breaking with Bernie Reply

David Pakman makes one of the best cases against electoral politics I’ve seen in a while. That’s not his intention but that’s what it amounts to. If all of these “progressive” do-gooders put as much effort into building an actual revolutionary movement as they do into reformist bullshit they might actually have something.

Krystal and Saagar debate AOC shocking stand against new bailout package Reply

Not bad. Although let’s be clear: Alexandria is not radical or revolutionary. She does not call for the abolition of the state, the overthrow of the ruling class, or overthrow of the empire. She’s merely a reformist.


Krystal and Saagar discuss AOC’s decision not to vote for the next economic relief bill, in defense of more money for payment protection programs, small businesses, and communities directly affected by the economic fallout.

AOC’s Hypocrisy Over Biden Support Laid Bare Reply

Alexandria strikes me as a generally well-intentioned person who just can’t shake the partisanship and the SJWism. As I have said before, in order to be fully competitive, the Left needs to do five things: 1) recognize neoliberals as the primary enemy; 2) forget Democratic Party loyalty; 3) forget the SJWism and pathological right-wingophobia; and 4) put anti-imperialism, anti-statism, and class struggle above cultural politics; 5) turn their back on “progressive” worship of the public adminstration state and become anarchists (and not just “anarcho-progressives”).


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “It’s legitimate to talk about” allegations against Joe Biden Reply

It’s interesting how the neoliberals are using both the carrot and the stick against Alexandria, trying to coopt her on one hand, and bankrolling her opponents on the other.

By Eleanor Watson and Bo Erickson

CBS News

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday night said the Democratic Party should discuss the recent sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden, a charge the presumptive nominee’s campaign has denied.

On Tuesday evening in an online conversation with The Wing, a networking and community space for women, a questioner asked Ocasio-Cortez about the accusation recently leveled against Biden by Tara Reade, who worked for him when he was a Delaware senator in the 1990s. The questioner opposes President Trump’s reelection, but also “really resent[s] the fact that the other choice is someone who has a really long history of being creepy to women.”


AOC stunning admission about Joe Biden Reply

Alexandria cements her subservience to neoliberalism and her “momma bear” Nancy Pelosi. Reformism fails again. Trump’s populist-nationalism is arguably to the left of Biden’s neoliberalism/liberal-imperialism, just as France’s National Front has moved to the left of the neoliberals on economics and international relations. Regrettably, most “progressives” are so blinded by “social justice” ideology, with rare exceptions like Jimmie Dore or James Petras, that they can’t see this.  For example, in this segment, Krystal refers to Trump as “an existential threat to the nation.” Could be. But as opposed to the rest of the ruling class?

Krystal and Saagar discuss NYT interview with AOC, where she reveals she hasn’t heard from Joe Biden, but says she will support the Democratic nominee.

Will Cuomo really replace Joe Biden as the Dem nominee? Reply

The neoliberal “Wall Street-suburban coalition” may need a new front-man if Biden falters. Andrew Cuomo is a Clintonesque douchebag (e.g. class warfare against the poor, obstructing criminal justice reform) who just happened to be the governor of a state that just happened to get hit hard by COVID-19. Cuomo is actually to the right of DiBlasio (who himself is a faux leftist neoliberal stooge). And DiBlasio actually sided with Amazon during Bezos’ conflict with Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez (who has also become a neoliberal stooge).

Why the progressive movement is suddenly torn over AOC Reply

For those who ever thought Alexandria was a serious radical or revolutionary, remember that she was an intern for Ted Kennedy, memorialized (as opposed to celebrating) the death of John McCain, and has never taken positions any more “radical” than do-gooder reformist and SJWish ones. She has never had anti-imperialism as a core focus of her politics, not even on the level of a moderate anti-interventionist like Tulsi Gabbard. She has never had much interest in class politics beyond conventional welfare statism. Her “Green New Deal” is, at best, an effort to shift the focus of state-capitalism/crony-capitalism away from Big Oil toward Big Green. And she seems to subscribe to the standard SJW paradigm on “social issues.” At what point has she ever called for dismantling, the overthrow of the ruling class, or global anti-imperialism? Nowhere, as far I can tell.

By Alex Thompson and Holly Otterbein


Soon after her upset primary victory against a Democratic Party boss in 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez traveled to St. Louis to prove her victory wasn’t a one-off by campaigning for Cori Bush, who was similarly taking on a longtime Democratic congressman.

“What I’m asking for you to do is to support my sister, Cori Bush,” Ocasio-Cortez said at a rally. “It is so important what we did, we just came off of this win in New York, but people were trying to say, ‘It’s just one place.’”

Bush lost that race but is challenging Rep. William “Lacy” Clay again in an August primary. She has more money and higher name recognition, and earned the endorsement of Bernie Sanders. But Ocasio-Cortez isn’t helping Bush this time.

After her victory in 2018, Ocasio-Cortez encouraged progressives to follow in her footsteps and run for Congress with the backing of the left-wing group Justice Democrats, even if it meant taking on powerful incumbents. Sixteen months later, the Missouri primary isn’t the only one Ocasio-Cortez is steering clear of.


Neoliberals Co-opt AOC with Cultural Leftism Reply

The same pattern the US Left has followed since the 1970s.

A relevant observation from the comments section:

“I never drank the AOC kool aid. 90% of the interest in her derives from the fact that she’s a young woman of color and she’s from NYC, which we’re still supposed to believe is the center of the universe. If she had the same politics but were a white male from South Dakota, hardly anybody would know or care about her.”

AOC Screams Against Stimulus Bill Then Votes For It Reply

In the end, social democrats always fail. This principle was originally demonstrated in 1914 when the parliamentary deputies of the German Social Democratic Party voted to grant war credits to the regime of Kaiser Wilhelm II (read the story here). To the degree that the state ever does anything good, it happens only as a result of massive external pressure from the outside. Electoralism is a complete waste of time unless it is done solely for propaganda purposes. Even if one sees value in electoral participation, it should never be anything other than an afterthought. The do-gooders who have spent countless energy and money promoting figures like Bernie Sanders would have done much better to develop dual power systems that are external to the state.