AOC makes it official, she’ll vote blue no matter who

Ya gotta get over that pathological right-wingophobia, Alexandria.

If you must vote, then vote Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Transhumanist, Pirate, Peace and Freedom, SPUSA, PSL, SA, Workers World, whomever, but boycott the ruling class parties.

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  1. I’m very familiar with the Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Transhumanist, & Pirate parties, but who & what are Peace and Freedom, SPUSA, PSL, SA, Workers World, etc., & you forgot to mention The American Solidarity Party, which is a Left-wing & Pro-Life political party tgats supported by Secular Pro-lifers alongside Pro-Life Feminists as well even Conservative Catholics, what about the Socialist, Populist, & even the American Nazi & Ametican Communist Parties? Although I’m totally cool with voting Libetarian, Green, & even Solidarity, but the political party tgats the most appealing to me is the Pirate Party.
    We should all unite against both the Democraps and Republicunts, by either only voting for any of the alternative political parties, never vote at all. You go tiger, Keith Preston, PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW, cool dude

    • The Peace and Freedom Party is a leftist party that has its roots in the New Left of the 1960s. It’s always been mostly oriented toward the “hard left” but it’s included libertarians at times as well. SPUSA is the Socialist Party USA (Eugene V. Debs legacy). PSL is the Party of Socialism and Liberation, a far-left Marxist-Leninist Party that is a spin-off of Workers World. SA is Socialist Alternative, a Trotskyist party (they have a member on Seattle’s city council). Workers World are Marxist-Leninists who combine causes like trans rights with admiration for figures like Kim Jong-Un.

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