Economics/Class Relations

AOC: “Let’s do away with this mythology that the ultra-wealthy move away due to high taxes.”

Who cares if they move away? Fuck ’em. Good riddance.

I’m not at all someone who thinks that “tax the rich” is that way to solve the problem of plutocracy. Taxes are merely a means through which the state extracts surplus value from subjects (extortion) in the same way that the corporate political-legal-economic infrastructure extracts surplus value from laborers (exploitation). Relying on the state to correct the latter problem is like putting the mouse in charge of the cheese. That social democrats don’t realize this shows how lame and shallow their thinking is.

They’re essentially asking the king to exact tribute from the aristocracy in order to fund support for the peasants (rather than collect more knights, swords, armor, and horses, and build more castles). It doesn’t work like that.


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