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Nina Turner: Dr. Cornel West is right, we need more than black faces in high places

I really hope they’re not just now realizing that.

I don’t really consider poor, urban (or rural) blacks to be part of the Blue Tribe. The Red/Blue tribal civil war is between the left and right wings of the upper-middle class, with both sides aligning themselves different factions of the ruling class, and occasionally managing to co-opt sectors of the lower to lower-middle class. Poor blacks are primarily part of the lower proletariat or lumpenproletariat (along with the poorest people among other ethnicities) not the Blue Tribe.

Van Jones does a pretty good takedown of the left-wing of the yuppie class in this.

While the culture war in an internecine rivalry within the upper-middle class, the class war is the bottom 40% (mostly the non-voting sectors) against the upper 20% (the 1% and their managerial lackeys) with the other 40% caught in the middle trying to fight their way up but constantly getting pushed back down.


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