AOC stunning admission about Joe Biden

Alexandria cements her subservience to neoliberalism and her “momma bear” Nancy Pelosi. Reformism fails again. Trump’s populist-nationalism is arguably to the left of Biden’s neoliberalism/liberal-imperialism, just as France’s National Front has moved to the left of the neoliberals on economics and international relations. Regrettably, most “progressives” are so blinded by “social justice” ideology, with rare exceptions like Jimmie Dore or James Petras, that they can’t see this.  For example, in this segment, Krystal refers to Trump as “an existential threat to the nation.” Could be. But as opposed to the rest of the ruling class?

Krystal and Saagar discuss NYT interview with AOC, where she reveals she hasn’t heard from Joe Biden, but says she will support the Democratic nominee.

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