Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Twilight of American Imperialism?

By Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò
Might we be witnessing but not heeding a historical moment that years hence, we wouldlookbackandretrospectivelychristenthetwilightofAmericanimperialism? DonaldTrumpstarted a trend the very first year of his presidency of withdrawing or threatening to withdraw from sundry international agreements that previous administrations had negotiated and signed on behalf of the United States: In quick succession, he dumped the Trans-PacificPartnership agreement, threatened to pull out of NAFTA, pulled out of the Iran nuclear agreement, the Paris Climate accord, and even toyed with the idea that the North Atlantic Rreaty Organization might have become redundant. In the latest installment of this trend, he pulled the United States out of the World Health Organization [WHO] right during a pandemic. Something about these moves ought to make leftists, if not all progressives, both in this country and across the world happy.

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