Elite transnational fascism

This is a pretty good analysis/overview although “fascism” really isn’t the correct term for what is being described, which is something far more sophisticated than the classical cult of the strongman. Fascism is something that tends to emerge in societies that are still in a relatively early stage of industrial development and are subordinated to external powers. What is being described here is a type of technocratic totalitarianism reflecting a postmodern and postindustrial developmental framework, with technologism and scientism being among its defining elements. The bad habit that many left-wing radicals (and some right-wing radicals) have of calling everything “fascist” represents sloppy and historically uninformed thinking. A more sophisticated analytical framework is needed.

By “Winter Oak”

Since March 2020, the form of rule that has been systematically unfolding since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989/1990 has been fully in evidence: A transnationally operating oligarchic caste has taken over rule in the Western “democracies”.

The mass base of “traditional” fascism was the enthusiastic petty bourgeoisie, incited by propaganda (1). The leader (state) promised the masses salvation from all evils. The leader carried the masses, the masses carried the leader (state) and the latter led them into war and ruin in the interest of (monopoly) capital.

In the course of recent decades, a transnational, well-connected caste has emerged, which no longer conducts its wars only outwardly, but has recognized civil societies as a whole as a threat to its power. Since March 2020, the centers of power have expanded their wars inwards in the name of the corona infection regime.

By transnational “elite” fascism I mean an alliance of transnational capitalist class, transnational power elite (2) with the transnational digital, military, intelligence, science and media complex and the governments as their executive committees. I refer to this conglomerate as the parasites of civil societies, which serve as their “host” bodies.


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