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How QAnon infiltrated the yoga world

I’ve also seen plenty of commentaries describing how yoga, hiking clubs, stamp collectors clubs, and even the Southern Baptist Convention are being infiltrated by SJWs.

Apparently, everything is becoming politicized, even stuff that shouldn’t rationally be considered political. And “both sides” are increasingly coming to view an electoral win by the other side to be fundamentally illegitimate.

  • QAnon, the baseless far-right conspiracy theory, has jumped from anonymous message boards into the mainstream — even finding its way into the world of yoga.
  • Yogis’ interest in the conspiracy-theory movement, which is focused on the notion that a “deep state” cabal of child traffickers runs the world, comes amid QAnon’s shift to an anti-human-trafficking “save the children” guise.
  • While the yoga-QAnon intersection may be surprising, a confluence of factors, including the rise of medical misinformation amid the pandemic, has made it possible.
  • “People are drawn to yoga and spirituality who have felt marginalized and let down by the medical system. For many women, it’s that they’ve felt patronized,” Julian Walker, a yoga instructor who’s researched cultism in wellness, told Insider.


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